Management Consulting Services from the Uriel Corporation® Think Tank
Management Consulting Services from the Uriel Corporation® Think Tank

Uriel Think Tank Services include but are not limited to:

  • management consulting,
  • business plan development,
  • market research consulting,
  • corporate and subsidiary start up consulting,
  • ad hoc board meeting consulting,
  • growth & diversification consulting,
  • product development, engineering, research & development consulting,
  • prototype development,
  • intellectual property consulting & development,
  • patent search,
  • intellectual property prior art analysis,
  • competitive analysis,
  • intellectual property consulting,
  • intellectual property tweaking & improvement,
  • intellectual property portfolio development and expansion,
  • proposal development & negotiation,
  • project & contract management,
  • business development,
  • corporate and subsidiary development,
  • product and corporate image branding and positioning,
  • innovative product search and product acquisition consulting,
  • valuation services,
  • patent & technology brokering,
  • technology search,
  • technology transfer, technology acquisition, & technology brokering,
  • intellectual property/technology acquisition, licensing or sale,
  • marketing-sales-distribution consulting, campaign development and execution,
  • marketing-sales-distribution alliance development,
  • manufacturing consulting and alliance development,
  • operations oversight management,
  • licensing agreement negotiation,
  • license acquisition consulting & negotiation,
  • strategic partnering search and negotiation,
  • joint venture consulting and negotiation,
  • win-win partnerships,
  • win-win product-service trade, supply & partnering agreements,
  • fund raising and equity crowd funding consulting,
  • website development & management,
  • blog development & management,
  • blog article development or other content development & management,
  • newsletter development and deployment,
  • e-commerce development & management,
  • Google Ad Sense development & management,
  • internet advertising,
  • affiliate development & management,
  • CRM system implementation and management.

The Uriel Corporation Think Tank prides itself on providing clients a diverse array of product commercialization services that are geared to produce innovative products with disruptive new-twist functionalities.

Uriel works as an ad-hoc advisory consulting company that can serve as an extension to your company’s upper management team to help guide your company in perfecting its innovation initiatives and to help your team launch new product lines. These services take advantage of Uriel’s internal experts and also include the expertise of various Uriel alliances.

Companies can engage the Uriel Corporation Think Tank to take advantage of Uriel’s expertise to create new products, or they can engage Uriel to find, secure, or acquire products through licensing agreements.

Uriel can further develop and negotiate agreements for clients wishing to develop manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales, service, warehousing, and other alliances.

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Disruptive Commercialization Consulting.

Should you like to pursue discussions concerning a joint venture or other alliance with the Uriel Corporation® Think Tank, please review our Joint Venture Due Diligence Power Point Presentation.

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See Uriel Corporation’s® Parent Think Tank Website for more information on Uriel’s Turnkey Commercialization Consulting.

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We would love to discuss your project and interests to see how we can help you with your endeavors and to develop a win-win partnership to help you develop a new-twist disruptive innovation for the national and or global marketplace.

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Uriel Corporation’s Turnkey Product Commercialization Consulting.™ is a subsidiary of Uriel Corporation®