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Disruptive Product Innovation
Disruptive Product Innovation

Product Development Best Practices.

In this posting, the Uriel Corporation Think Tank shares some of its Product Development Innovation best practices and insights. Uriel Corporation embraces and encourages best practices for innovation to reduce the barriers innovators face in implementing them. Innovation requires a mindset that requires change and commitment within an organization.

The innovation mindset requires out-of-the-box thinking and an openness to collaborative and alternate sources of innovation. Innovation breeds innovation. Collaborative efforts between engineering teams, manufacturing, marketing and finance to induce creative thinking, brainstorming and cooperation between departments is now a trend. This allows companies to expand on key product development efforts. As these collaborative efforts are more greatly embraced, such efforts can allow and lead innovators to produce better products that can solve one or more problems or that make life easier. Unique products can result that can help remove the heavy yokes and burdens of every day life.

Open & Free Brainstorming.

Through open and free brainstorming, out-of-the-box thinking allows product developers to:

  • magnify design variations,
  • engage in more product tweaking,
  • improve products,
  • use alternative components,
  • explore different materials, shapes, and features.

Through product modeling and iterative rapid prototype development, innovators can come to see or visualize product designs that have added unique new-twist functionality that might be patentable over the prior art.

Further, when innovators use best practices to look at product design from multiple angles they may find ways to reduce cost. This  leads to creating products that have more marketable design elements. The aim of developing new or unique marketable design elements is to develop new-twist patentable products to address specific niches or to target or create even larger markets that were previously unattainable.

Further, new-twist patentable functionalities developed through such brainstorming can also allow innovators to overcome prior art constraints. Such products that are developed might also be awarded new patents. Frequently, when there is a good solid foundation for a unique concept, a portfolio of patents can be developed to target and to protect a broader market share.

Product Development Brainstorming.

Development brainstorming is geared to produce a new twist product. Brainstorming includes immersing and guiding multiple departments of a company to participate in the development process. This, in turn, allows product inventors and engineering teams to tweak products to embrace new innovative design twists. Invention, engineering, and product design takes into account thoughts from marketing, manufacturing, and finance.

The expertise acquired from experts in multiple departments when designing a product should result in more successful products.  A unique, novel idea that solves a particular problem, even if it may be a simple idea with one or two good features, can lead to massive profitability. Unique products that are designed to remove engineering, marketing, manufacturing, and financial constraints also allow companies to expand and diversify to create new-twist product lines that will create or target new markets.

Innovation Today.

To innovate today, companies must embrace methodologies in the product design and development life cycle that allow creative thinking to flourish. Methodologies and research using brainstorming collaborative best practices can create innovative cultures to spur greater innovation. Key stakeholders must be immersed in competitive and conceptual research. This helps determine what is technically feasible from the available components and tools that are available during the development process. Stakeholders must absorb as much of the Prior Art as possible. If a concept is totally new when compared to the Prior Art, the technological constraints to develop such a product must not exceed what is available.


Sometimes new tools are and methods are required to develop, engineer, and manufacture a new concept. If a project is to be commercialized in an acceptable time frame, the engineering tools, and manufacturing methods that are available should be taken into consideration. Sometimes engineering and manufacturing constraints can thwart a project’s commercialization success. Alternative design variations, however, might overcome these limitations and constraints.

Other product development constraints can be overcome by tweaking a business model to allow companies to succeed as innovators to more easily capture a market. Alternative design tools should be studied to overcome engineering constraints. Different marketing approaches might also overcome marketing constraints. Market research may further help tweak product design to address larger markets or a more focused market niche.


Product positioning, advertising, public relations, and alternative methods of financing can also provide insights to lead the creative process to brainstorm to remove such constraints. A product’s success is highly correlated with a unique new-twist idea that has successfully removed every constraint that might stand in the way of a success.

Product design should proceed with all these things in mind. Financial projections can also include a variety of projections that take into account the alternative design variations that the engineering team has brainstormed. Creating a set of equally useful alternative designs can also accelerate the implementation of innovation especially if one alternative idea might have more merit than another.

Department leaders and virtual teams should all have access to the Internal Knowledge Base of the corporate product development effort. Global R&D Networks and third parties can also be a good source of valid input to lead the direction of a product development effort. Combining these efforts and collaboration can lead to the early identification of Disruptive Products in the product development life cycle.

Innovative Product Development.

Innovative Business to business companies can’t afford to become complacent about innovative product development. Product managers must incorporate innovation guidelines to construct and keep a competitive edge. Idea management systems could be a critical element of the innovation process, only if they provide the capabilities that address the difficulties. Dialogue within and between corporate departments can further shape and refine ideas.

Dialogue within and between departments, researching the market, and focus groups may lead product managers to gauge a community’s response to ideas. Spreadsheets analyses can also help to integrate ideas, to manage items as well as assist in their development, and refinement.

Innovating is really a painstaking process where focus on detail is vital. Only 25% of projects succeed and 75% fail. Meticulous planning and a focus on detail can greatly increase an organization’s chances of success. Innovation is all about finding possibilities for the market where game-altering solutions are created that add value and improve lives.

Corporate Departments.

Departmental groups of companies should interact to talk about and collaborate on project concepts throughout the product lifecycle. Company leaders need to give people permission to act past the place they occupy on the organizational chart. A few innovation guidelines include enabling business agility and the promotion and rewards of collaboration. Business agility is not accomplished just by flexible job definitions, but by also encouraging functional and physical movement so employees and executives build up new encounters and perspectives.

Technology, change and adaptive methods are common place in industry. Technology change ideas must address the presence of a hypercompetitive atmosphere. They have to stress the requirement for an adaptive perspective to build up guidelines for innovation. Adaptive innovation guidelines must recognise and support variation.

The variations between firms within their economic performance should be tracked in comparison to the variations inside a firm’s business and technological abilities. The competitive process through which different technological abilities acquire an amount of monetary significance over time should also be analyzed. Team members should also attend Technical Conferences and Industry Events to gauge consumer acceptance of something new.

Uriel Corporation Leadership for Launching Innovative Products.

The Uriel Corporation Think Tank can help clients and companies to build innovation best practices. This can fill a company’s or client’s pipeline with new ideas and future projects. Uriel’s involvement in Client Projects can nurture a company’s diversification interests.

In a product development consulting engagement, Uriel can help companies to engage in continuous learning and improvement. This can lead towards greater innovation to develop higher performing products.

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