FAQ. List of Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.

For your convenience, our most common customer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) are answered right here.

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1.   Q: Does the Uriel Corporation Think Tank sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to review  client project details?

A: Yes we do. Please download, review, fill out and send us a
signed, dated, and initialed copy of our Client Project Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) via return email.    Please note that we might also sign your Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if it is acceptable.

2.   Q: Does the Uriel Corporation Think Tank have ready-made
forms to communicate project details of Client Projects
& Interests to the Think Tank?

 A: Yes we do. Please download, review, fill out, and send us back
the completed forms below via return email:

2.1 Client Objectives Form.

2.2 Client Subsidiary Development Project Outline Form.

2.3 Generic Client Project Outline Form.

2.4 Strategic Alliance Intent Form.

2.5 Application for a Uriel Corporation License for Internal Uriel
Corporation Products, or for a License related to a Client

2.6 Engineering Request Form.

2.7 Rapid Prototype Request Form.

2.8 Vendor Information Form.

2.9 Vendor Capabilities and Resource Profile Form.

2.9.1 Vendor Proposal Form.

2.9.2 Outside Third Party Proposal.

2.9.3 Market Research Campaign Form.

2.9.4 Website Development / Management Requirements Form.

2.9.5 Advertising & PR Development Request Form.

2.9.6 Direct Mail Campaign Form.

2.9.7 Email Campaign Form.

2.9.8 Statement of Work Form for any Uriel Corporation Think
Tank Consulting Service or add-on service.

2.9.9 Letter of Commitment – Standing Order to Purchase
. Submission of Non-Solicited Ideas and Concepts Form.

3.    Q: Does the Uriel Corporation Think Tank have sample consulting agreements available for review?

A:  Yes we do.  Please note that the following agreements
are to be considered a rough draft for discussions that
may lead to developing agreements between the Uriel Corporation Think Tank &  Clients. Final executed agreements may end up being totally  different agreements or they may include modified versions
of the following agreements.  Please download, review, fill
out, and return a signed, dated, initialed executed copy of the
following  agreements if acceptable by return email:

3.1 Uriel Corporation Strategic Alliance Agreement for
Developing  Client Projects.

3.2 Uriel Corporation Collaboration Agreement for developing
Client Projects or for giving Client Access and Rights relating
to the development of Internal Uriel Corporation Projects.

3.3 Uriel Corporation Website Development / Management

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