Disruptive Product Commercialization Services From The Uriel Corporation® Think Tank.

Innovation for New Products
Innovation for New Products

The Uriel Corporation® Think Tank:
Disruptive Product Commercialization Services; Management Consultants.

Uriel offers Management Consulting, Diversification Consulting, Technology Search & License Acquisition, Product Development & Enhancement, Innovation & Improvement Consulting leading to disruptive products and services. The Uriel Corporation® Think Tank utilizes extensive brainstorming sessions to develop or tweak products. Uriel finds and sources products for Clients. Products sourced have a high degree of functionality based on original new-twist product ideas. Uriel’s focus in product development seeks out product variations that can be applied to a project. Uriel engages in product tweaking of innovative patentable concepts. This can produce an array of new unique products that can be derived starting from one concept or idea.

The Commercialization Process.

The commercialization process is not just a matter of identifying product requirements and engineering specifications. The very best product innovators communicate the product vision and its tale. Successful product launches focus on targeting customers and their problem(s). Product positioning should include website marketing, public relations, and advertising. Positioning should address unique compelling values and benefits provided by the product being launched.

Uriel develops unique product profiles offered to the public. These profiles should position the client product versus competing products in a way that shows buyers long term benefits compared to the competing products already in the marketplace.  Many downstream problematic issues in engineering, manufacturing, marketing and product positioning can be avoided with the right up-front diligence. Uriel engages in the design process with a view to design a product with product positioning, public relations, and marketing in mind from the get go.


Startups might find controlling and monitoring the flow of ideas into a successful product launch to be intimidating. From concept, development, testing, to final deployment, Uriel’s staff implements agile development methods. Customer feedback is solicited throughout the entire development cycle. This method enforces collaboration among all corporate functions to include marketing, development, manufacturing, distribution, and finance.  This  ensures a launch is technically feasible, free from constraints, is sustainable, scalable, and within budget.

Advisory Consulting.

Uriel acts as an extension of a client’s management team where it assists clients to further develop and or restructure operations and methods to better meet commercialization objectives.  Uriel advises a client’s management team through ad-hoc consulting and it engages as advisory consultants on a fractional fee-based, equity participation basis.

Uriel provides turnkey management and design services where Uriel develops an internal project team specially structured for a client’s project. The project team is then allocated to the client venture for the duration of the project. Uriel can also allocate a permanent project team to serve as an extension of a client’s management team. Turnkey ad-hoc management consulting services allows Uriel to engage and participate as board members in client operations in a cost-effective way. Being Ad-hoc Board Members, Uriel’s expertise can also bring value to a client for fund raising activities. Uriel can further lead clients and take a hands-on role to help client’s manage company operations towards a successful exit strategy or towards a proper succession plan.

Alliance Development.

Uriel develops manufacturing alliances. Uriel also engages, sources, and develops alliances with manufacturing representatives, distributors, sales and marketing channels. Uriel can set up e-commerce and commercial websites as well. Uriel’s Turnkey Consulting Services can further provide, develop, and manage marketing and sales staff.

Uriel can find key personnel to help clients create management teams that would benefit a product launch effort. Putting together a high-caliber management team is essential for venture success and for fund raising efforts. Uriel also endeavors to work with clients to develop and launch dynamic sales and marketing campaigns. Good campaigns are essential for unique products that can be positioned globally. Uriel also develops and implements CRM systems and social networking websites and campaign efforts to assist clients in their sales efforts.

Uriel’s alliances can also be used to help clients oversee and coordinate project activities. Uriel’s networking operations can put together further alliances for client ventures to help clients meet project milestones. Uriel puts together one or more third parties to cover different requirements needed in the product life cycle. A complex product might require different areas of expertise throughout the commercialization process.

Uriel helps companies increase their visibility with potential alliance partners and customers online. These services include enhancing websites and online activities to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance. Uriel further develops social websites and it can set up marketing and networking operations to bring more traffic to client websites. Of course, more traffic to websites serves to produce greater revenue.

Technical Consulting & Alliance Expertise.

Uriel’s technical consulting and alliance expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • technical feasibility analysis,
  • electronic product development,
  • analog and digital electronic design and layout,
  • printed circuit boards,
  • rework,
  • component and assembly sourcing and procurement,
  • software,
  • firmware,
  • logic design,
  • embedded logic,
  • RF capabilities,
  • design engineering,
  • prototyping,
  • research and development,
  • conceptual design,
  • original product design,
  • consulting related to: patent search, patent analysis, patent development, patent prosecution, patent litigation,
  • 3D modeling,
  • FEA analysis,
  • stress testing,
  • rapid prototyping & 3D printing,
  • machining, milling, turning, welding,
  • simulation,
  • electronic fabrication,
  • electromechanical part development,
  • mechanical,
  • engineering,
  • research & development,
  • product data management,
  • product development,
  • product modifications, engineering changes,
  • cost reduction engineering,
  • design for manufacturability,
  • project management,
  • testing & analysis and alliance development.
  • component sourcing,
  • plastic product production,
  • system design,
  • testing,  assembly, and warranty services,
  • meeting UL®, CE and other standards and regulations,
  • compliance with industry standards and certifications,
  • packaging,
  • warehousing and drop-shipping services,
  • brochure development,
  • operating manual development,
  • service manual development.

Consulting Engagements that Enhance Innovation and Product Development Efforts.

Engaging with cients as an equity partner allows Uriel to fully engage its internal and alliance resources into a clients venture. Uriel excels in brainstorming to develop rich and unique products with intellectual property that are full of novel functionalities.

Uriel can develop technology or it can find and source products for clients. Through Uriel’s technology transfer operations, clients can acquire a license to pursue innovative products from Uriel’s Internal Development Efforts. Conversely, Uriel can find and source a license for innovative products from third parties.  Uriel helps clients attain one or a portfolio of disruptive innovative products that they can further commercialize, manufacture and sell. In this manner, Uriel helps clients diversify into further related and non-related product lines of interest.

Uriel’s brainstorming methodology, using its alliances as a sounding board, can further enhance and expand a client’s patent portfolio. Brainstorming can bring forth a diverse array of unique concepts that can be incorporated into a client’s product.

Uriel’s methodologies allow a client to perfect designs and patents extending beyond a client’s original product concept. Uriel’s internal engineering operations are structured to enhance the original product design innovation process. This process brings about unique enhancements that can be incorporated into the product development life cycle.

Innovation Brainstorming.

Uriel engages in leading and managing brainstorming sessions to enhance client projects and diversification interests. Uriel’s focus is to enrich and empower its clients to add life and vision to a client’s diversification interests. Uriel helps clients with new-twist ideas to  protect and refine their products. This is especially important when such concepts might still be in their infancy.

New products with new-twist functionality frequently are unrefined and leave many doors open for competition where companies can design around a client’s patents. New product concepts might not yet be refined to protect different variations of a concept that a competitor might take advantage of.

Uriel works to close this loop hole by coming up with a set of logical and technically feasible product variations. The aim is to develop variations  that have a high degree of commercial viability. Uriel recommends that the best variations be further patented and protected. Trademarks are also important to protect product launches that a client might seek to monopolize.

As a primary design principle Uriel looks to develop and protect variations of products that a client might have never considered. Protecting variations can create new markets for clients.  Uriel’s Design Variation Brainstorming Sessions are an essential part of the product development innovation process. Such sessions preserve and protect the life blood of new concept product opportunities that have disruptive new-twist functionalities.

Disruptive Product Innovation Focus.

Great product development starts with a unique product idea that has proprietary functional characteristics. Product development ends with a product that has been engineered and refined from one or more carefully crafted patents. Developing a portfolio of patents that protect the novel design and functional elements of a new-twist product concept is of great advantage. An expanded patent portfolio can serve as a stepping stone for a client to enter into the international marketplace with a greater global competitive advantage.

Visionary Development Focus.

Uriel’s provides a strong product innovation management and visionary development focus.  Uriel equips clients with the proper skills and mindset to navigate and nurture their new product through the development process.

Uriel’s highly focused approach, especially in developing high quality intellectual property and design variations, helps reduce investment risk. It creates a sounder platform for fund raising, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, licensing, and other transactions. The laser focus of Uriel’s brainstorming sessions are directed towards a client’s innovation initiatives. Uriel enhances a client’s commercialization interests by providing the necessary thoroughness and leadership to encourage creative solutions. Uriel’s focus and experience gives client’s an edge over the many challenges that might come up in launching a new-twist product.

Brainstorming & Due Diligence.

Uriel experts and alliance partners collaborate to assess and fully develop a client’s product development plan. Uriel’s internal focus is to define all applicable scientific and regulatory requirements and craft a customized product development and testing strategy.

The aim of Uriel’s due diligence and focus is to minimize the cost and time required to develop prototypes. Uriel also looks to get regulatory approvals and to meet industry standards to perfect a product launch. Whether a client’s proposed device is an improvement on an existing product or a revolutionary breakthrough, Uriel’s team brings decades of product development experience to the table.

Patent Analysis; Patent Consulting; Funding.

Uriel’s Commercialization Consulting Operations include analyzing  existing patents to get a feel of the prior art. Uriel then develops and executes a product development strategy designed to embrace the development of a new and unique product niche that a client can exploit.

In full turnkey services, this analysis can lead to an array of design tweaks that can expand patent portfolios. Uriel assists and encourages clients to develop a variety of alternate patentable embodiments. Doing this serves to increase the likelihood that one or more of these embodiments might lead to a disruptive innovation that a client might have never considered.

Uriel analyzes the competitive and situational landscape, it identifies market gaps, it optimizes products and marketing. Uriel helps companies position themselves by also helping clients come up with trademarks that stand out and grab the attention of buyers in their market segments.

Uriel analyzes a client’s business model and it assists with the development and or tweaking of business plans. Uriel assists clients in commercialization and monetization objectives. Uriel provides business assessments and valuations that can be used to better strategically position a client’s company.  As part of Uriel’s turnkey consulting services, Uriel can also assist companies in their fund raising activities to assist them in acquiring debt or equity financing or to raise money through merchant cash advances and interim project financing.

Think Tank Services.

Uriel’s design expertise and scope ranges from low-tech to high-tech products. A generic overview of Uriel & Alliance Capabilities include:

  • management consulting,
  • business plan development,
  • market research consulting,
  • corporate and subsidiary start up consulting,
  • ad hoc board meeting consulting,
  • growth & diversification consulting,
  • product development, engineering, research & development consulting,
  • prototype development,
  • intellectual property consulting & development,
  • patent search,
  • intellectual property prior art analysis,
  • competitive analysis,
  • intellectual property consulting,
  • intellectual property tweaking & improvement,
  • intellectual property portfolio development and expansion,
  • proposal development & negotiation,
  • project & contract management,
  • business development,
  • corporate and subsidiary development,
  • product and corporate image branding and positioning,
  • innovative product search and product acquisition consulting,
  • valuation services,
  • patent & technology brokering,
  • technology search,
  • technology transfer, technology acquisition, & technology brokering,
  • intellectual property/technology acquisition, licensing or sale,
  • marketing-sales-distribution consulting, campaign development and execution,
  • marketing-sales-distribution alliance development,
  • manufacturing consulting and alliance development,
  • operations oversight management,
  • licensing agreement negotiation,
  • license acquisition consulting & negotiation,
  • strategic partnering search and negotiation,
  • joint venture consulting and negotiation,
  • win-win partnerships,
  • win-win product-service trade, supply & partnering agreements,
  • fund raising and equity crowd funding consulting,
  • website development & management,
  • blog development & management,
  • e-commerce development & management,
  • CRM system implementation and management.

Uriel brings rich resources and alliances to clients to help client’s develop, commercialize, and monetize their unique product concepts. Uriel’s Turnkey Consulting Practice  focuses on developing, enhancing, and improving new-twist client product opportunities. Uriel seeks to better position a client’s billion dollar idea for greater global competitive advantage.  Uriel works with startups and with companies that have been in business for years.

Business Process Improvement Consulting.

Further, Uriel engages to provide consulting services for continuous process improvement including business process re-engineering. This can include design and engineering changes, the development of management and operational plans, organizational change and the development of third party alliances to help clients grow.

Uriel can evaluate performance and it can help clients establish continuous improvement and innovation-focused programs. Uriel also develops alliances for Manufacturing and it engages in cost-benefit modeling to help clients determine if an outsourcing
and off-shoring model is appropriate for their venture.

Experience to make a difference.

Uriel’s experience, connections and knowledge can take care of a client’s biggest hurdles in the product development lifecycle. This allows client companies to focus on core sales and operations activities. Uriel engages from prototyping to mass production, from manufacturer discovery to vetting.

Uriel is with you each step of the way. We can help you produce, package, certify and deliver your products to your buyers.  We can set up e-commerce websites to help you sell your products online. We can connect you with manufacturing reps and retail connections to properly sell and distribute your product. Uriel seeks to develop the most specific and high margin channels possible.

Uriel helps clients explore licensing of their ideas. A license can be sold to one or more existing product manufacturers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers, and sales organizations. Licensing gives clients an affordable and effective way to generate income off of idea(s) without footing the entire bill. With licensing, clients can avoid the costs of prototyping, manufacturing and marketing of their product concepts. This alternative allows clients to escape footing the bill. Licensing can eliminate the headache of trying to compete with existing manufacturers. This option further allows clients to partner with manufacturers, distributors, and other sales and marketing channels that would otherwise be a client’s competitor. Through licensing, a client can collect a paycheck in royalties when one or more licensees are engaged as part of a client’s product launch strategy.

To achieve greater commercialization success it helps to have management advisors that have extensive brainstorming experience. Focused brainstorming is an essential part of product design, engineering and commercialization. Uriel’s internal innovation expertise combined with the experience of its alliance partners gives Uriel clients a greater global competitive edge over competitors.

High Standards of Integrity and Business Ethics.

Uriel clings to the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, scientific practice and ethics.  Uriel does not believe in cutting corners or using a cookie-cutter approach. Uriel provides an honest assessment, realistic timelines, credible science, accurate proposals, and an effective regulatory strategy. Uriel takes pride in delivering innovative solutions and works to produce extraordinary results for clients.  Uriel strives to get involved in projects where it feels it can provide its visionary brainstorming and alliance expertise to the table. Uriel’s Visionary Leadership can help clients command and secure a substantial niche in billion dollar developing industries.

Eliminating Bureaucracy That Stifles Innovation.

Product innovation within a well-established product design company can be challenging. This is especially true where bureaucracy serves to stifle innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.  Complicated development processes and procedures, corporate politics and policies, including competing priorities can hinder creativity. This usually serves to limit the development and acceptance of unique disruptive ideas. Smaller companies tend to be more successful as innovators where bureaucracy and competing priorities don’t create road-blocks to creativity and invention. One option for corporations that are struggling to innovate and gain a leading edge in product design and engineering is to outsource innovation to a product development consulting firm like the Uriel Corporation® Think Tank.

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