Expertise and Expert Advice
Expertise and Expert Advice


The Uriel Corporation® Think Tank’s expertise  is in Research & Development, Product Development & Commercialization, and Management Consulting Services.

Since it was founded in 1984, Uriel has developed an array of high-end Think Tank Services and proprietary products. Over the years, Uriel’s development focus has resulted in the development of a broad array of low-tech to high-technology products that Uriel is actively commercializing through its own corporate and subsidiary development operations.  Uriel’s expertise and the expertise of its alliance partners allows Uriel to engage in every aspect of proprietary product development and commercialization to help clients develop and launch product lines having unique disruptive innovative functionalities.

Further details on how Uriel develops and engages with Clients to develop Disruptive Technology can be seen on this link: Disruptive Commercialization Services.

Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our clients and customers.

Upper Management & Alliances.

Peter J. Panopoulos, Uriel’s President & CEO, Strategic Management Consultant –  Managing Project Director: has over 34 years of experience in Research & Development. Peter has  been heavily involved in original product design and proprietary product development, in operations, in strategic development as such relates to patent engineering for numerous patents that have been filed, in leading and directing brainstorming sessions, and in management consulting. Peter has also been greatly involved in structuring alliances, and he is involved in overall General Corporate Management. He is passionate about exceeding your expectations to assist you as might be good in your product launch and or in your companies endeavors to position your company for the best possible good global advantage that can be attained.

Uriel’s COO/CFO, a Contractor: comes from an extensive background in finance and operations. He brings his expertise to  Uriel and client projects whose expertise comes from operating a $1.1 billion subsidiary of a large multi-billion dollar parent company.

Gordon P. Ramsey, VP of Engineering & Development, a Contractor:
Gordon is behind the science that is behind the products of Uriel. He has taught physics for over 40 years, the last 34 of which where he has served as a tenured professor at Loyola University of Chicago. In addition, Gordon is a highly respected member of America’s physics and teaching communities, and was recognized as a Fellow of the American Association of Physics Teachers in 2014. Gordon has also recently been elected as a Distinguished Member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. He has also conducted research and continues to do research as a visiting scientist at Argonne National Laboratory since 1986 and has been also involved with Fermilab. Further, Gordon has authored over five dozen publications, and has been invited to speak at dozens of universities and other organizations all over the world. Gordon also presently serves as President of the A.A.P.T. (the American Association of Physics Teachers) as of January of 2018.

Further, our Manufacturing, Engineering, & development Alliances are full of experts. Uriel’s alliances include management and design consultants, scientists, engineers, programmers, technical people, and website developers. These team members have extensive design expertise and expertise in launching and producing products.

Through our alliances, our design and production capabilities cover a large number of  different areas. These include but are not limited to mechanical, electronic, and electromechanical devices. Our internal and development alliances have also engaged in numerous website development projects. Uriel’s Website Development Expertise can further serve clients to launch, monetize, and commercialize innovations. Innovations can include
a broad array of different products across many different industry sectors.

Our alliances and internal expertise allows Uriel to provide our experience across a diverse array of client projects. This includes the development and commercialization of unique innovative new-twist proprietary ventures. Uriel develops and refines new-twist patentable products. We like to get involved early in the patent development process to help clients create better, more unique, and disruptive patent portfolios. The aim is to target large markets that are more easily funded and commercialized.


Uriel engages in brainstorming sessions with clients to develop high end websites, e-commerce sites, and trademarks. We develop and implement CRM systems for our clients. We further engage in SEO and internet marketing to bring traffic to websites for commercial ventures.

We also engage in developing social websites and engage in developing social networking campaigns. Other services include the development and management of email and phone campaigns. Uriel also develops Equity Crowd Funding Campaigns and sets up clients on social  website platforms. This helps better position client products for the commercial marketplace.

Uriel further develops distribution and manufacturing alliances. In addition, Uriel assists in raising capital for client projects.

When engaging in full turnkey product commercialization services for a product launch, Uriel devotes all of its internal and alliance resources to a project. Uriel’s consulting services for developing and launching a venture requires a fee-based, equity participation contract.

Uriel’s upper management team members that work on internal and client projects have a combined total of 250 years of experience.

Should you like to pursue discussions concerning a joint venture or other alliance with the Uriel Corporation® Think Tank, please review our Joint Venture Due Diligence Power Point Presentation.

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See Uriel Corporation’s® Parent Think Tank Website for more information on Uriel’s Turnkey Commercialization Services.

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